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We are constantly ingesting chemicals leaching out of plastic:

Water bottles, Tupperware, Seran wrap, Tin and soda cans(lined with it), Toothbrush bristles, Food packaging, Microwave dinners and of course Bottled water.

Did you know even Paper Coffee Cups are lined on the inside with plastic?

When plastic is warmed up in a microwave or dishwasher, exposed to sunlight or exposed to acid(Seran wrap on food), it magnifies the amount of leaching.

Stay NO to Styrofoam! Often used for Take Out food or Hot Beverage cups. It contains chemicals known to be carcinogenic by the EPA. Leaching increases greatly when hot food or drink comes in to contact with it, or when heated in the microwave


You’ve probably heard of BPA by now because you’ve seen all the products out there claiming to be ‘BPA Free’. You probably assumed that meant ‘BPA Free’ was safe. Nope! Did you know that US Federal regulations are so lax on chemicals they are assumed safe until proven otherwise! WHAT? Yep, that’s right. BPA has been replaced with BPS and BPF and assumed to be safe when they are not, they are just as bad.

A study by Environmental Health Perspectives reported that “almost all commercially available plastic products sampled..leached chemicals having reliably detectable EA, including those advertised as BPA free. In some cases, BPA-free products released chemicals having more EA than did BPA-containing products”. *EA=Estrogenic activity(Endocrine Disruptor)

Why is Plastic Leaching bad? Endocrine distruptors have been linked to a plethora of diseases, including breast cancer, heart disease, ADHD, diabetes, autoimmune disease.

Lobbyists for Plastic companies are trying to rebuke the studies. They are using the same tactics and often the same scientists the tobacco companies did. You can read about the court battles that have been going on between Eastman chemical(Triton) and PlastiPure(Bittner).

Despite the mounting evidence dating back to the 90’s until present from scientists around the world, the multi billion dollar plastic companies are winning and the EPA listed BPA as safe in 2014. Do your own research. The American medical Association reports that BPA mimics the most potent estrogen in the body. We are being ‘had’ in my opinion like we did with cigarettes for years.

More than 95 percent of people in developed countries are exposed BPA levels that are “within the range” associated with health problems in animals, from cancer and insulin-resistant diabetes to early puberty. This is great cause for concern within humans,” especially given the recent steep increase of these same disorders.

We are seeing a much higher rate of ADHD.

It’s like we’re doing a science experiment on our families.

The Environment-We should be ashamed!

Only about 5% of plastic actually gets recycled!

500 Million straws get dumped in the ocean every day.

20 billion pounds of plastic ends up in our oceans each year.

Marine animals ingest the plastic particles and the toxins within, subsequently passing them up through the food chain, and eventually to humans.

Every year, the oil used to produce just plastic water bottles in the U.S. alone is enough to fuel 1,000,000 cars!


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