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Callaloo with King Crab

People have been begging me for my Callaloo Recipe for years! 😊It's THAT good and unbelievably good FOR you. A staple Caribbean dish, I call it a Super Food Supper and cook it weekly because it's jam packed with Nutrition, antioxidants, Iron and fiber. Great for the immune system;

1 cup provides: 21g Protein, 6g Fiber

128% Vitamin C, 247% Vitamin A, 25% Iron, 128% Vitamin B12,

An added bonus, Okra was used by Ancient Beauties of the world; Cleopatra of Egypt and Yang Guifei of China to maintain their glowing skin!

My personal recipe lends itself more to the Trinidadian style; the main ingredient is Dasheen Bush(green leafy vegetable) which can be very hard to find outside the Caribbean. You can substitute with Spinach however and it's still extremely tasty and so healthy.

Trinidad Style Callado


2 lbs spinach chopped(or 2 packs of frozen spinach)

1 lb Okra

½ can coconut milk

5 Tbls Coconut oil

6-8 gloves garlic

I Carrot chopped

4 celery sticks chopped

½ Yellow Onion chopped

5 scallions chopped

small bunch thyme

Green seasoning(if you have it)

1 yellow pepper

1 Scotch Bonet Pepper or Habenero

1/2 Thai chilli pepper and/or 1/2 Jalapeño pepper(depending how HOT you want it)

Sea salt to taste

1/2 tsp Black Pepper

1/2 tsp parsley

handful of cilantro

2 Cups of chicken or Vegetable stock

1-2 lbs crab

Optional-Cook Wild or Brown Rice as a compliment


Chop(or blend on low to save time)Onion, celery & carrot

Saute all 3 for 3-4 mins on medium heat until soft

Add Okra and using a wooden Spatula, stir well & try to break up as best you can(this helps take away the 'Slime' factor)

sauté Garlic for 1 minute

Add the Yellow pepper and finely chopped SB pepper, Thai Pepper & Jalapeño pepper

Add Spinach and 2 cups of stock to help break it down

Add black pepper, parsley, cilantro, green seasoning and Scallions

Use one strand of Thyme to tie the bunch of thyme up(this will be removed later)

Add 2 more cups of water

Cover and let simmer for a min 1/2 hr, but up to 2 hrs if you have time(adds more flavor)

(Don't add salt until the end because the stock & crab have salt-you don't want to overshoot it)

Put your Rice on to cook now following the directions on packet

After you have let it simmer, use a hand blender to break up some of the spinach if needed

Then add the coconut milk and the crab, leaving to simmer for more 5 mins.

Taste and add Salt if needed to your preference

Enjoy and soak up all that GOODNESS!

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