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IslandFit Lettuce Wraps

A Perfect, light, tasty meal, low in Carbs and high in Protein, Vitamin C and A. Also a good source of Iron.

The ginger and spices give it that Island flavor and you'll love the creamy Mint sauce, itreally adds a nice touch.


1 LB Ground Chicken or Shrimp

1 Avocado Sliced(Zaboca in Trinidad)

1 Cup of Sprouted Quinoa

I head of Romaine Lettuce or Butter Lettuce

3 Tbls Coconut Oil

1/2 Onion chopped

2 Green Onions chopped

1/2 Scotch Bonnet Pepper(Habanero if you can't find)

4oz cherry Tomatoes(halved)

1 Carrot diced

1/2 Red Bell Pepper(diced)

4 Gloves Garlic

3 Sticks Celery

15-20 Mint Leaves Chopped(1/2 for Meat, 1/2 for Yoghurt Dressing)

Handful of Cilantro

1/2 Inch of Crushed(or juiced)Ginger

1 Diced Mango OR 2 Tbls Raw Honey

Sea Salt

Black pepper

Pinch Cumin & Tumeric(or Curry Powder)

2 Limes Squeezed(optional)

1/2 Cup Whole Milk Grass Fed Yogurt or Coconut Milk


Start by cooking the Quinoa as directed on packet

Dice Mango. Wash Lettuce, cover and set aside

In a Food Processor Dice Onion, Scotch Bonnet, carrot & Celery

Sauté all 4 with coconut oil at Medium heat until soft

Add garlic for 1 minute

Add Meat, and continue to sauté until it starts to brown

Add Ginger, salt, pepper, Cumin, Tumeric,

Add Red Pepper, Tomatoes, Green onion, cilantro & 1/2 the Mint leaves

Sautee on low for 3 more mins then turn off heat

Add Lime juice and stir well

For the Dressing

Blend Yogurt or Coconut milk with the remaining Mint leaves on high for 20 secs

Combine Meat & Quinoa and place a spoonful in to each Lettuce Leaf

Top with Mango, avocado

Drizzle with the Mint Yoghurt Dressing

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