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Healthy Ginger Beer

MOre Cool Stuff For My Fans

Ginger Beer is one my favorite Island sodas, but like most sodas, one Can contains GMO’s galore and as much as 40 grams of sugar; that’s 10 TEASPOONS! Think about that for a second…Ironically, the combination of ginger and lemon(minus all the sugar and GMO’s) is really good for you. Here are just some of the health benefits:

Ginger: Anti-inflammatory

Boosts your immune system

Stress reducer

Nausea Remedy

Aids Digestion

Lemon: Boosts Immune system

Helps Detoxify the liver

Loaded with nutrients & Vitamin C

Aids Digestion & constipation

Promotes healthy skin, nails and Hair. May reduce wrinkles

I like to drink it first thing in the before eating because all that goodness goes straight to the liver to help detoxify the body. I also love it in the evening after dinner because it settles the stomach and aids digestion. It also tastes delicious and my Kids love it!

Create the Ginger juice:

With a Juicer: If you have a Juicer, the easiest way is to juice a bunch of ginger root and keep it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks; that way it’s quick and easy to put together when you have a busy schedule.

With a Blender: Toss 3-4 pieces of ginger Root with about an ounce of water in to your blender on the highest setting, then use a Cheesecloth to strain it.

Old Skool: Cut up 3-4 pieces of Ginger Root in to small pieces. Add a cup of water and bring to a boil on the stove, then simmer for 15 mins min, up to 1 hr if you have time.

Check to be sure the water doesn’t simmer down too low. Cool and Strain.

Create the POP:

Soda Pop maker We bought a glass one 3 years ago and it’s curbed our Soda Cravings completely. It’s also saved us hundreds of dollars on purchasing sparkling water from the store, not to mention sparing the earth and oceans of more toxic plastic bottles! We can really taste the difference with the glass bottle version(no plastic toxins seeping in to our water).

Old Skool: Use Sparkling Water


I don’t use sugar but if you must, use Organic Maple syrup which is packed with nutrients & minerals unlike table sugar which has no nutrients whatsoever and is the main cause of Diabetes and Heart Disease.


1 Organic lemon(squeezed)

1-2 teaspoon of Ginger Juice(depending on how much you love Ginger!)

1 Tbls Organic Maple Syrup

16 oz of filtered sparkling Water

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!!



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