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The Love Muscle

Strength & Burn

“Dance your way to a Body ready for the Beach AND the Bedroom”

1. Work Out 
Instructional - 50 min
The Dance
Unlock your inner Sex Kitten with the sexiest Caribbean dance moves on the planet!
Wall Section
Burn & Tone while driving   him crazy.
Learn the ultimate Caribbean dance, the "Head Stand Wind" and the "Head Stand Grind".
Kegel Exercises
Exercises for your health AND your man.
Cool Down
Safely bring your body & heart rate back to normal.
2. Work Out
Voiceover - 45 min
Includes all the above work outs wth no instruction. Just follow the cues and get lost in the infectious Music!
3. Strength Weights
Upper Body - 5 min
Activate the 3rd energy system utilizing Creatine.
4. Lap Dance Work Out
20 min
Learn how to do the ultimate sexy Lap Dance for your partner. This routine is guaranteed to make him go crazy!
5. Tutorial
20 min
All dance moves broken down at a learning pace for beginners.
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