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“Give me 35 mins and I’ll give you BEACH Body!”

1. Work Out 
Instructional - 40 min
The Dance
Power your way to that ripped beach body you've always wanted.
Cool Down
Safely bring your body & heart rate back to normal.
2. Work Out
Includes all the above work outs wth no instruction. Just follow the cues and get lost in the infectious Music!
Voiceover - 35 min
3. Power Weights
5 min
Upper body sculpting.
4. 5-Min Abs
6 - pack anyone?
5. Yoga Stretch
25 min
Relax, rejuvenate, improve flexibilty & circulation.
6. Tutorial Work Out
20 min
All dance moves are broken down at a learning pace for beginners.

Power & Cardio


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